๏ Links & Credits

The Municipal Art Society is my most frequent sponsor of walking tours and was early to support adventures outside Manhattan. Knowledgeable staff members Tamara Coombs and Jessica Halem have always listened to my new ideas. MAS underwrites a variety of lectures, discussions, and preservation and planning campaigns in addition to walks. https://mas.org/

The Queens Historical Society sponsored my first public tour in 1982! QHS supports a variety of activities and has vigorously advocated for preservation in Queens, long neglected by authorities based elsewhere. I am a trustee. https://www.queenshistoricalsociety.org/

The New York Transit Museum, supported by the MTA, sponsors my excursions built around our transit system and “discovered” me when I started doing daylong tours along subway lines. Special thanks to Luz Montano for many years of logistic support. https://www.mta.info/mta/museum/

Chester Burger (deceased) joined many of my walks and gave me access to his splendid photographs, many of which augment this web site. His book Unexpected New York showcases his work. https://www.unexpectedny.com/About-the-Author.id.645.htm

Chester Burger John Roleke Forgotten New York

Forgotten New York is an amazing web site that pictorially documents NYC neighborhoods that, for most people, are lost in time or space. Thanks to creator Kevin Walsh for granting me use of photographs that appear herein. https://www.forgotten-ny.com/ Some of this material has been compiled into a book titled Forgotten New York: Views of a Lost Metropolis

John Roleke is the About.com Guide for Queens, a great source for contemporary info about this borough and has granted me use of some of the many photos included on that site. https://queens.about.com/

Noshwalks are a natural complement to my treks across the ethnic landscape. Food serves as a gateway to learning more about the culture, history and landmarks of neighborhoods in all five boroughs. Founder Myra Alperson, author of Nosh New York, has been leading ethnic food tours of NYC since 1983. https://www.noshwalks.com/ Jeff Orlick arranges innovative  gatherings and food crawls in Queens.  https://iwantmorefood.com/

My friends, Steven Siegel, Shelly Lapidus, Joe Svehlak,  and Martin Ewenstein have frequently played the role of “co-explorer” when I am pioneering or updating a tour. Their company and queries are much appreciated!  Rachel Donner is also a co-explorer and the proofreader of this web site!


Karen Fitzgerald has kept me abreast of the LIC art scene and I am mesmerized by her luminous spheres. https://www.Fitzgeraldart.com  Arthur Rosenfield maintains an impressive web site  with  links to many events in rapidly changing Long Island City  https://ourlic.com

My students in Geography of NYC at Hunter College are all required to lead a walking tour within guidelines. Often, younger eyes show me a new perspective!

Harvey Kreiswirth (harvey@bigcityinteractive.com) reconstructed this web site from an earlier version. Harvey’s mom, Rose, now deceased, was a dear friend and fellow competitive Scrabble player.