Flushing’s Chinatown 12/7

Flushing’s Chinatown  vs. My Childhood in  Flushing   Sunday, December 7. 2014   11am-1pm
Conducted by Dr. Jack Eichenbaum, Queens Borough Historian
The tour will have a new focus and new route compared to previous versions. I was born in Flushing and while I grew up in Bayside, my father worked in downtown Flushing for 30 years and my family came here to shop, go to the movies and enter the subway system.  In the last 40 years a “Chinatown” has swept away much of my childhood Flushing. This immigrant destination and commercial center has come to rival its Manhattan antecedent. Taiwanese rather than Cantonese at its core, Flushing’s Chinatown plays host to a variety of overseas Chinese groups. Rezoning and greater land availability support unusual real estate developments including office buildings, hotels, residential condos, specialty shops, cultural institutions, and malls. Dine in more than 100 Asian restaurants. Restaurant recommendations provided.  Meeting point will be on the second floor of the New World Mall opposite restrooms. Enter mall on the south side of Roosevelt Ave. just uphill from the Main St. station of the #7 
No registration necessary. Just show up in time.  Fee:  $15 
After:  Join the 27th annual Holiday Historic House tour nearby.  Go to  http://www.queenshistoricalsociety.org/public-programs.html   for details.